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Bella Intima

Ultra-thin pantyliners covered with 100% organic cotton. Ideal for women who value gentleness and nature.

Friendly for you, Friendly for the environment


Cotton used in the Bella Intima pantyliners is safe for women with allergies and very sensitive skin. The process of obtaining the raw material is controlled already from the sowing stage and meets numerous strict environmental standards.

  • Environmentally friendly raw materials – organic cotton produced at ecological plantations where environmentally friendly growing methods are used. No artificial fertilisers or chemical plant protection agents (pesticides, herbicides) or genetically modified seeds (GMO) are used.
  • Environmentally friendly production – no heavy metals, appropriate water management (closed water circuit, mandatory waste treatment facilities)
  • Work standards – production plants comply with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization.

By choosing Bella Intima pantyliners, you support responsible forest management all over the world.

The pantyliner carton box is made of a raw material coming from well managed forests with an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate and other controlled sources.

The cellulose used in the absorbent insert is bleached without chlorine - using the ECF technology (Elemental Chlorine Free). Harmful molecular chlorine is replaced with other, safe agents. This process prevents the release of dioxins which are harmful to the environment and our health.

Widely used natural latex may cause discomfort and irritation to some people. Pantyliners Bella Intima do not contain natural latex, so the risk of allergic reactions is minimized.

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