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Training for attractive body

Physical activity is always a good idea. Are you looking for simple exercises to do even at home? Here, you will find interesting examples. Work out to have an attractive body!

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Is stretching important? It is a very important part of every workout, both at the beginning and at the end. Stretch the tired parts of the body.

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Menstrual pain

Some exercises, especially those based on yoga, can reduce the symptoms associated with menstruation. Try exercises to reduce pain during those days.

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Hygiene during menstruation

We all know how to maintain proper hygiene and how to care for our body. We can find our way in the maze of lotions and easily choose the right cream, suitable for our skin needs. For teenagers and young women, the topic of hygiene and product choice during menstruation may raise questions and doubts.

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Menstruation after childbirth

Your baby is already born or you are only preparing for this significant day? There surely have been numerous changes in your life, as well as in your body. After giving birth, a woman’s body returns to the state before pregnancy. It involves menstruating again.

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5 most frequent questions relating to tampons and sanitary pads

Sanitary pad or tampon? Much depends on your preference and comfort. Read the answers to frequently asked questions relating to the choice of the proper product.

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No menstruation – causes

The first thought that comes when your expected period refuses to is: pregnancy. No wonder, as this is the most common cause. However, there is a range of other causes, such as hormonal changes, stress, adolescence or beginnings of menopause, that can explain the lack of expected period.

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Menstrual cycle. Follicular phase and luteal phase

The menstrual cycle of every woman is divided into phases. It does not mean, however, that we all experience it identically. Knowing your body and what changes it undergoes will help you better understand your own needs and feel comfortable every day.

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PMS – premenstrual syndrome

PMS occurs in the second half of the menstrual cycle, after the fertile days are over, but before menstruation.

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Leucorrhoea – when you need to see a doctor

Depending on what time of the cycle you are currently in, you might notice a vaginal discharge that is typical for the current moment. When the vaginal discharge has abnormal colour or odour, this might be suggestive of leucorrhoea.

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Everything you need to know about ovulation

Ovulation occurs usually in the middle of your menstrual cycle, around 12-16 days from the first day of a period. Ovulation involves releasing an egg cell from the Graafian follicle that matures in the ovary.

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