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Menstruation Calendar

Bella menstruation calendar is one of the most popular Polish mobile application of that type, which has been downloaded more than 750,000 times. It owes its popularity to simplicity, intuitiveness and useful features. This helps many Polish women to feel much safer, while ovulation, non-fertile days or menstruation itself no longer catch them off guard. Check our application as well and see how convenient it is.

How to start?

The application works on the most popular mobile operating systems. You just need to download it, install it and set the parameters of your last menstruation cycle to enjoy the potential it has for every one of us.

Date of last period

it will allow estimating the next menstrual cycle.

Length of your period

it will allow better diagnosis of both the period length and the upcoming fertile days.

Length of your cycle

allows determining the exact end and beginning of each cycle. Make sure the numbers you enter are as precise as possible to increase the accuracy of the estimates suggested by the application.

Explore the application from the inside!

  • main screen
  • kalendarz
  • rejestr

Menstrual calendar serves as the application’s main screen and is displayed every time you launch the application on your mobile device.

Days to Period counter will allow you to control the time remaining to your next menstruation.

Start and Stop option allows you to control the menstruation process manually when it lasts longer or starts earlier, etc.

Application menu element arrangement allows you to navigate all the calendar features in an intuitive and efficient manner.

Calendar screen is the heart of the application. This is where you can access all the information on your menstrual cycle. The calendar shows your fertile days and menstruation every month and allows you to add notes and symptoms accompanying your periods.

Comprehensible icons allow you to identify menstruation and fertile days very quickly.

Notes are a feature that allows you to accurately describe everything associated with the menstrual cycle, e.g. the last sexual intercourse, visit at the gynaecologist’s, etc.

Period allows you to add symptoms accompanying every menstruation with an intuitive mechanism. So that every next one is less surprising and annoying.

Register is a place where all the data relating to each (past and predicted) cycle are collected. You gain access to historical data that fully describe the dates and symptoms of your periods.

Past - history of your periods. Check when they ended and how their length has been changing over the past several months.

Future - are you wondering when your next period is due? With this option, you can check the dates of even 6 subsequent cycles.

Statistics present the most important figures relating to your menstrual cycle in a transparent manner, e.g.: number of symptoms, mood during periods, minimum and maximum period length or average period length.

Additional useful features

Period setting

allows defining period length, cycle length and also notifications reminding you of an upcoming period (their date, subject and content).

Backup copy

Your data will be safe. The backup copy is associated with your e-mail address and only you can access it. You will be able to restore your data any time on any mobile device.

Bella Woman

will allow you to enter the Bella Woman community – the beautiful side of the Internet. It will provide you with a lot of information for every modern girl and woman. In addition, you will be able to explore our wide range of products that meet your specific needs.

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