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Teenage period – what you might find useful

Period is a normal thing in a woman’s life. However, you need to get used to how it happens and what it involves. The first period usually appears between the age of 10 and 14. For the first 2 years, the menstrual cycle can be irregular; therefore, it is worth having a toilet bag in your backpack with products that are useful on those days.

Period at school – a teenager’s toilet bag

A well-equipped toilet bag will allow you to feel comfortable during your period. What should it contain? Obviously, a couple of sanitary pads or tampons. You do not have to take the whole pack with you. Assuming that you will change your sanitary pad every 3 hours, 5-6 sanitary pads for the whole school day will be enough (including “emergency” pads, just in case). You can also put several pantyliners into your toilet bag. These will be useful near the end of your period or as additional protection when using tampons. Intimate wet wipes are also extremely helpful. At school, there is no way to wash your intimate areas; therefore, such a solution will make you feel always fresh and comfortable. Also, remember about regular tissues. Many women also carry an antibacterial gel in their toilet bag to take care of proper hand hygiene.

At home

Some women buy more sanitary pads and tampons just to be sure, while other buy only as many as they will need for a single cycle. Talk to your mum or sister about their favourite products; maybe together you will work out your own method for such girly shopping. Also, think about a gentle intimate gel.

A well-equipped toilet bag containing products useful during a period will not take up much space, but will make you feel confident.

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