Bella Perfecta Ultra Night Extra Soft


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2mm features_30.png thickness

Product dimensions: Width – 160 mm, Length – 285 mm
Packages available: 8/16/26 pcs

Breathable, ultra-thin sanitary napkins are designed for women with SENSITIVE skin who lead an active life and praise comfort and security combined with discretion.

The best for SENSITIVE skin

Designed for NORMAL menstrual flow

Perfect for DAY TIME


AIR BREATHABLE – Unique feature in Bella feminine care products ensures proper air
circulation through the product for comfort and protection against skin irritations

EXTRA SOFT TOP SHEET – Very delicate non-woven material with new circle pattern provides the exceptional feeling of softness

MAGIC GEL – Special absorbent pearls quickly transform liquid into gel providing great feeling of dryness and protection from leakage

ODOUR STOP – Special feature that helps to neutralize unpleasant smell and provides feeling of freshness

SYSTEM FOR EXTRA PROTECTION – Unique blue magic gel barriers effectively protect from side leakage

SKIN FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY – Latex free sanitary napkins eliminate the risk of skin allergies

We support Bella Training Programme – educational platform which main goal is to increase the knowledge about hygiene in India and help women to maintain hygiene properly

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