Bella Panty Intima Plus Large

wkładki_supercienkie.png category: ultra thin panty liners

shape: enlarged

< 2mm features_30.png thickness

  • 100% cotton

    top layer is made of 100% cotton

  • very absorbent

    for more protection

  • breathable


Bella Panty Intima presents the unique line of the only panty liners made with 100% cotton topsheet
- Imported from Europe
- 100% cotton cover is exceptionally delicate, soft and natural.
- Air breathable materials let the skin breathe and protect against skin irritations
- Just 1 mm thickness and anatomical shape make the panty liner invisible under clothing
- Increased absorption for better security 
- White flowers extract - natural herbal extracts of rose, jasmine and daisy gives smoothness and softness
- Panty liners are designed for daily use, ideal to protect underwear against white discharges, perfect for light flow during first and last days of period, can be used alongside with tampons as additional protection in case of leakages.

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