Bella Panty Herbs Plantago

wkładki_supercienkie.png category: ultra thin panty liners

shape: anatomical

< 2mm features_30.png thickness

  • Magic Gel

    Special absorbent pearls quickly transform liquid into gel providing great feeling of dryness and protection from leakage

  • Odour Stop

    Special feature that helps to neutralize unpleasant smell and provides feeling of freshness.

  • breathable


  • odorless

    odorless, perfect for gentle skin

  • extra soft

    exceptionally gentle cover

  • enriched with plantago extract

- Bella Herbs Plantago is unique line of products enriched with the herbal extract of Plantago known for its soothing and anti – rash properties
- Herbal extract prevents from chafes and inflammatory states, helps to heal wounds and fight free radicals
- 100% breathability ensures free air circulation and protects against skin irritations
- Panty liners recommended for everyday use, but also in case of discharges, spotting between periods, first and last days of period, during pregnancy and with tampons as an additional protection
- Discreet, only 1 mm thick
- Magic Gel guarantees high absorbency 
- Odour stop protect against unpleasant smell

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