Bella Maxi Softi Wings


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6mm features_30.png thickness

  • Breathable

    Air Breathability is the unique feature of Bella feminine care products which ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritations.

  • softiplait

    delicate cover

  • Comfort cushion

    provides feeling of softness and fast absorption

  • Leakage stop barriers

    effectively protects from side leakages

  • Extra protection zone

    perfectly protects against leakages and staining

The only breathable thick sanitary napkins in India. Recommended for ladies who value security and prefer traditional thickness of pads.

- Air Breathable napkins to ensure higher level of dryness, keep right temperature and protect skin against irritations

- Comfort Cushion in the central part of the pad provides high absorption and feeling of dryness

- Leakage Stop Barriers – New channel-like embossment prevents side leakages and distribute liquid alongside napkin

- Extra Soft topsheet made of delicate non-woven to ensure the feeling of ultimate comfort and naturalness

- Extra Protective Zone – additional zone in maxi pads that perfectly protects against leakages and staining

- Side wings ensure perfect fixation to underwear

- Recommended for night-time and heavy menstrual flow

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