Menstruation calendar

How to calculate the menstruation?

Be always prepared for your period! In order to calculate its start, the average cycle duration, start date and duration of last menstruation should be taken into consideration.

How does the menstrual calendar work?

On the basis of the data entered by you, you will receive prognoses related to next menstruations and approaching fertile days.

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Free application - Bella Calendar

Do you want to know when your next menstruation is? Download our application to your smartphone, enter the data in your personal mobile Calendar and have your cycle under constant control!

Menstruation symptoms

  • Bleeding at the start of menstruation is more abundant and less so towards the end.

  • Stomach pains usually occur on the first day of bleeding and may transfer towards the lumbar area. Usually the pain eases during the menstruation.

  • Gastric disturbances - some women may encounter various symptoms in that regard, for instance: diarrhoea, constipation, nausea and vomiting.

  • Increased number of blemishes on face and body (mostly breasts) is caused by the increased number of oestrogens which makes the skin drier and sensitive.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstruation should appear regularly, in appropriate cycles. Observe your body and if there are significant irregularities, it is best to go the doctor. What disturbances are we talking about?

- abundant bleeding lasting for a few hours
- menstruation starts more often that 21 days
- menstruation lasts longer than 7 days
- pains in lower abdomen and bleeding appear suddenly, completely unrelated to the menstruation.

Ovulation calculator

You don’t know when your fertile days are due? Check our ovulation calendar which will help you calculate it.

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