Bella Perfecta Ultra XXL Night Extra Softi

Breathable, extra-long, very absorbent sanitary napkins designed for very heavy menstrual flow, ensure comfort, security & discretion. Recommended for night time. Extra soft top nonwoven top sheet ideal for very sensitive skin.


- THE ONLY BREATHABLE SANITARY NAPKINS IN INDIA. Air circulation lets your skin breathe easily, protects from rashes and irritation.
- LEAKAGE CONTROL SYSTEM – the unique feature of Bella sanitary napkins, which effectively protects against side leakages.
- Perfect product for very heavy menstrual flow and night time.
- Odour stop system prevents from unpleasant smell.
- Extra soft top sheet – very delicate top layer designed for very sensitive skin, provides the feeling of naturalness and softness
- Special magic gel guarantees high absorption and protection against leakages.
- Dermatologically tested
- Delicate to skin and absolutely safe.
- We support Bella Training Programme – educational platform to increase the knowledge about women health & hygiene in India
How often have you experienced irritations during using of sanitary napkin? It is very popular problem, which can be prevented just by using breathable sanitary product. Another problems are side leakages, unpleasant smell and lack of freshness. But now you have the solution! All these problems could be avoided by the unique features of Bella sanitary napkins.

  • Absorption
  • shape
  • Thickness
Ultrathin 2mm thick sanitary pads invisible even with a very tight outfit. 8 colours of Bella PERFECTA means 8 ... See other products Bella Ultra

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