Job Title - Paralegal / Assistant

Job Code PL/007/2017 Department Legal Department Detailed work profile 1.    preparation of draft statutory documents and resolutions of the statutory bodies of the company Bella India and its organisational units, assessment and translation of these drafts, verification of the correctness and completeness of these documents, 2.    drafting agreements with contractors, evaluation and translation of these drafts, verification of the correctness and completeness of these documents, 3.    legal support for Bella India in administrative proceedings, including: tax, registration, construction and other, and in administrative disputes, 4.    legal support for Bella India in litigation and extrajudicial disputes conducted in India and abroad, including translations related to these disputes, 5.    preparation of drafts regulations and other internal regulations and procedures, evaluation and translation of these drafts and other tasks aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of corporate governance in India, 6.    legal support for Bella India company in other aspects; 7.    collection, completing and maintaining in a systematic and transparent way documentation in the field of corporate governance and legal assistance: e.g. contracts (implementation and management of applications such as: Contract Register, Power of Attorney’s Register and other), resolutions, protocols, normative acts, writs, decrees, administrative decisions, correspondence ref. to legal assistance, legal regulations, court decrees, selected legal literature. Job Location Bangalore / Dindigul (Madurai Area) Educational Qualification Bachelor of Law Key competencies and desired skills -          fast learner, -          diligent, focused on details, -          goal and solution oriented, -          teamwork player, interpersonal skills, -          good communicative and writing skills (English), -          organizational skills, strictly adhering to deadlines, -          technology skills (word, excel, presentations), -          familiarity with legal documents and terminology, -          multi-tasking and research skills, Experience required Flexible, skills and potential of a person is more important Fresher Considered Yes Number of Positions TWO

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